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photo magic:  We are Matt & Jess

photo magic: We are Matt & Jess


We're Sean and Tayler, a husband and wife wedding photography team. Sean and I met working at a restaurant together in Denver and after our first date, we were basically inseparable. We recently bought a cabin in the woods in Evergreen, Colorado and have been loving every moment of it! We share our house with our pup Salcha, cat Chunk and 5 chickens, Bunny, Cadbury, Butters, Thelma and Louis! As lovers of the great outdoors and adventure, hiking, snowboarding, traveling, camping, cooking, and vintage camper projects are just a few of our other loves. We both come from an art/photography background, Sean studied in San Francisco and Tayler in Southern California. I (Tayler) began documenting weddings over five years ago and Sean joined me three-ish years ago. Working together has been a dream come true for us and we so look forward to meeting you and creating together! 



On a more personal note, I am loving being in my thirties. I'm pretty attached at the hip with my pup Salcha (half husky/collie-lab). I hail from a half Buffalo NY, half Southern California upbringing, which makes Colorado a perfect blend and balance for me. One of the most special times in my life was when I was a flight attendant in my early twenties. It took me to over 12 countries with countless adventures and epic memories. If I had to choose one food to eat for the rest of my life, it would be Thai food. I love good challenge and I rarely sit still. I'm a glass half full type of gal to a fault and I believe this life is full of adventures I don't want to miss out on! Don’t tempt me with an adventure, i’ll likely say “YES!!!”


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Sean hails from the wild Alaskan frontier in addition to the California desert. He enjoys snowboarding, camping, hiking, and anything that screams adventure and outdoors. Out of high school, Sean apprenticed for Image Comics, then spent several years in art school, mastering illustration, photography and graphic design. On a personal note, I have a huge affinity for nature and people and how to two fit together. I enjoy working on our fixer upper in the mountains and creating our little niche in nature. Love living in the present and looking forward to seeing more of this world and its people.