20 days in Vietnam- iPhone & canon 5d mark ii

Disclaimer: I'm not much of a writer so here is a small synapse of our Vietnam adventure. 

My husband and I decided after the madness of wedding season that we needed an international adventure. We narrowed it down to a few countries, checked out visa requirements, checked ticket prices and came up with Vietnam for 20 days in November! I am so SO grateful we had the opportunity to have this adventure together! It's something we've dreamt about FOREVER and it was so wonderful to see one of our shared dreams come to life. After some crazy travel time, 35 hours give or take, we landed in Saigon. We arrived around midnight in Saigon, and of course with the time change, we were wide awake but exhausted. We checked into our room, showered, then headed out to get some much needed food. We snuggled up on small plastic chairs from a street cart serving Pho. We spend a few days in Saigon, recouping from all the travel and enjoying the busy city. From there we headed up to Hoi An via the night train. The ancient city of Hoi An was probably my favorite. So insanely charming.  And all the colors! Pictures just don't do it justice. One of my favorite part of this adventure was renting motorbikes and traveling from Hoi An to Hue on our own. I just loved the freedom of it. We stopped when we wanted, sidetracked, stopped to chat and to just let it all soak in. Hue was lovely, tons of temples to explore and history to learn. From Hue we traveled to Ninh Binh off of a recommendation from two of the most bad ass ladies we met in Vietnam. Ninh Binh is a small town surrounded by limestone mountains. It wasn't really recommended in our travel book, but it was highly recommended in our bad ass friends books, so we thought, why not? And i'm really glad we did, the landscape was incredible! It was a little sad to see all the limestone being mined to death though...Next up, CatBa island (Halong Bay) was the best place to chill for a longer period of time. Tons of ways to adventure or to relax and super inexpensive, especially for an island. Great beaches, great food, and amazing people. From there we headed to Hanoi. Hanoi is another big city. But the food was really yummy and the shopping got a little out of control :)