Whelp. My Husband and I bought a Vintage Trailer.

So my Husband and I have been talking off and on for the last year about how fun it would be to buy a vintage trailer, fix it up and start playing.  So last week I thought i'd just glance at Craigslist and see what was available for vintage trailers and I came across a 1970 Shasta 1400 camper travel trailer.  The pictures online looked amazing, slightly worn, but in great condition, everything still worked inside and out, it has a toilet (which for me was big on the wish list).  It had been in this family for over 40 years!  And was just in overall really great condition, we could camp in it that day if we wanted! And my husband practically did he was so excited.  So far we've cleaned it all out, and have started to demo the inside a bit, as well as started dreaming up how we are going to redesign the inside. There are a few panels that need to be replaced on the interior walls so Sean started ripping those out, as well as taking off anything hanging on the walls that would need to be saved.  I'll be keeping you all posted on the progress. But here is to week one!