Who me?

So a little bit of my journey...
I have loved photography of every form for as long as I can remember. From a young age, I remember walking around "playing" with my eyes and how they focused on things far and close, always seeing the world through my "camera eyes", haha. (Quick side note: to my excitement, they have actually started to invent such things! Camera eyes!)  My love for photography really took off when I became a flight attendant in 2007 and was able to explore this world with my camera in hand. I have always been fascinated with travel, exploration and adventure. I am absolutly in love with being able to capture a memory, a moment in your life that you can keep and look back at and just be in that moment again. The effect an image can have is amazing, it can bring you back in time with just one glance, it's kind of like magic to me. I can smell the same smells, hear the sounds, taste the air, and remember the feelings of being in that moment. Magic! 
That is what I hope do for my clients. I want to help capture those amazing moments in your life so you can relive them forever. 
If your interested in capturing a little magic with me, shoot me a message! click here
Photo by: Ashley Turner

Photo by: Ashley Turner


On a more personal note, I am loving being in my thirties, my husband and I just bought a little fixer upper cabin in the mountains of Evergreen, Colorado and are loving it! We get to see wildlife daily, which never gets old. I grew up half city-half country, born in Southern California where I spent the first half of my young life, then moved to a very small town in Western New York for the second half. I have a little pup named Salcha and a crazy cat, Gus Gus. I probably use too many exclamations and smiley faces.

2017 Wedding Locations

Crested Butte, CO

Vail, CO

Venice, CA

Aspen, CO

Grand Lake, CO

Lyons, CO

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Tabernash, CO

Big Sky, Montana

Breckenridge, CO

Denver, CO

Boulder, CO

Westcliffe, CO